“Vulli Sophie” the Giraffe Teether Review

At quite a young stage, babies like to put every toy in their mouth. Once they reach the age of 4 months and above, they like to chew on their toys and this activity takes place due to teething process.

Good teething toys can give relief by allowing babies to gnaw at them. However, it isn’t easy to get the best toy for teething babies. It is because not all toys available in the market are made up of good quality rubber and paint. There are several leads painted toys and brittle plastic balls which can cause harm to the baby’s health. Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is the perfect toy for teething babies.

There are several qualities of Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether that make it the most admired teething toy for babies. Firstly, the very look of Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is quite attractive. The dark spots on the light colored skin make it attractive children. Not to forget, there is the bright lipstick on her lips which gives an attractive look to Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether. Secondly, Vulli Sophie, the giraffe teether is one reliable and safe teether toy available in the market due to its shape, size, materials used for making an attractive color.

The shape of Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is one of the main reasons for being the most liked toy by babies. For a teething baby of 4 months and above, a toy that can be gripped easily with hands is ideal. Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is just perfect with the long thin neck that is easy to grab. Babies like chewing its head, legs, neck etc. to get relief during the teething process. Even there is not a better shape of teething toy that can easily be gripped by children of such young age.

When it comes to teething toys, the main concern is the health hazard. Many parents would be concerned about the material used in the making of these teething toys. Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether again scores over all other teething toys being made up of quality non-hazardous materials. It is made in French Alps with 100% natural rubber and non-toxic food grade paint. Even if one feels that the paint chips away due to prolonged chewing and sucking, there is absolutely nothing to worry.

Many people who provided reviews in the market said that the rubber started peeling off quite quickly. Even then, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as the child’s health is not affected. Unlike many other toys made up of cheap plastic and lead-based paints, Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is the best choice.

Babies also like toys that make sounds while playing. The sound of the toy shouldn’t be annoying and loud. Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is soft and produces a pleasing squeaking sound when gently pressed. Made up of soft rubber which is a little harder at places like its ears, it can be easily pressed by children. The squeaking sound is a low sound and hence babies enjoy it.

If one is searching for the best teething toy, few are safe and attractive. Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether is the best among such toys. Though some reviewers feel that this is a “glorified dog toy”, many parents have a definite opinion that it is the best for their babies. It is easy to purchase Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether today on the internet. This is the best-recommended toy for teething babies anywhere in the world.

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