Little Tikes Push and Ride Car

The little Tikes push and ride car is a great toy for your child and really helpful for when you want to go out and about. It is a car where you can sit your child and push them along to make journeys fun for the child and easier for you. In an attractive red color, it will suit girls and boys and looks very much like a sports car.

The car has a seat inside for your child with an adjustable seatbelt so that you strap them when you are out and about so that they can’t get out of the car. It has a push handle for the grown up so they can push the car without having to bend down. The car can be used for short trips or long walks, and is suitable anywhere where you would normally use your pushchair.

This is a fun alternative to a pushchair for your child and they will be much more willing to go out with you if they get to travel in their fun car. When you aren’t using the car the handle folds down and turns into a carry handle so that you can easily store it and it will even fit in a car boot so you can take it everywhere you go. Make sure it isn’t stored in the sunshine or else it could lose its color.

Under the front bonnet of the car, there is a large storage area where the child can take some toys along, or you can use it to carry your shopping rather than having to carry heavy bags and push your child. The car also has 2 cup holders – one in the front for your toddler and one in the back for you! The car is quiet to use and is made of strong plastic so it will last well and is suitable for even bigger 3-year-old children up to 23kgs. The car is 80cm long 33cm wide and 42cm high so isn’t too bulky for storage.

Parents who have bought this say it is easy to put together, is very sturdy and is a great hit with the toddler who uses it. Toddlers enjoy pushing it themselves too and can wear themselves out nicely for you! It is a modern design and very bright and colorful so parents will feel happy to turn up with their child in this car. Because it has no mechanical parts and made of plastic it is also weatherproof so it won’t matter if you get caught out in the rain. Just clean it and dry it off when you get home and it will be ready to use again next time.

The Little Tikes Push Ride Car is suitable for 18 months to 3 years so you can get plenty of use out of it, and it is great value for money. You do need to assemble it yourself. You will need a screwdriver and hammer. However, it isn’t complicated and comes with detailed instructions on how to put it together.

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