How to discipline a defiant child?

There are times when you would have found that your child would not listen to you no matter how gentle and engage your manner is. This would become a problem when you are trying to discipline your child. If he or she is being defiant and not caring about what you say, there are some things that you can do which would help you. By following these methods, you would be able to get back the control and ensure that your child does not behave inappropriately. Over a period of time, s/he would learn to listen to what you have to say and follow it.

Whenever your child is about to do something inappropriate, you need to distract him by making conversation with him or giving him his favorite toys to play with. You should make sure that you do it before he starts acting inappropriately. You would definitely be able to realize the scenarios in which your child would act inappropriately and so it falls upon you to ensure that you do not let it happen. Another thing that you need to remember is that when you are disciplining the child, it is important to look into his eyes severely. Only then it would be effective.

For example, if you try to discipline your child by shouting at him from across the room, it would not be effective. If your child is throwing any tantrums while you are disciplining him, you should walk away from him. Usually, you would find that parents try to soothe their children at this point. This should be avoided as it would only encourage your child to do so every time you try to discipline him. As long as the child cannot harm himself, you should not let that affect you. The child would then understand that throwing a tantrum would not help.

The discipline that you give your child should be in a logical way. For example, if you want to ensure that your child always turns off the television after he has finished watching, then you should ban him from watching any program for a complete day. Only then would the child understand that a certain action should or should not be done. You should also inculcate in your child that if he behaves inappropriately, he would be made to sit in a chair and face the wall and would not be allowed to do anything. This is a very effective method.

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