How Do I Motivate My Children?

One of the most common questions I hear parents ask when it comes to homeschooling and/or homework is, “How do I get my children to finish their schoolwork?” Whether you’re a parent trying to get their children to do their homework, or a homeschooling parent trying to get their children to complete their schoolwork, many other parents before you have struggled with the same thing.

The real question, though, should be, “Why?”

Why isn’t your child wanting to do their work?


The most important question to ask yourself, if you’re a homeschooling parent or have assigned the work yourself, is if you would want to do the assignment you’ve given your child. Is it really necessary for them to do this work? Could the concepts you are covering with your child be learned in a way more in tune with your child’s learning style? Is there any way to make the assignment more interesting to your child?

It can be frustrating, especially so when you’ve purchased expensive curriculum or invested a lot of time in creating a lesson plan, when a child is not interested in what you’ve given them to do. You must keep in mind though that flexibility is one of the greatest things about homeschooling. Homeschoolers get to customize the lessons to fit the child, not the classroom. Try to find activities that work with your child’s interests and learning style(s).


Often times, if a child isn’t finishing their assignments, it’s because they are confused. Make sure that your child understands the assignment, and what is expected of them to complete their work.

Time for a Break

Is your child tired or fidgety? It’s possible your child has been sitting too long, and they need to take a break from the work they are doing. Depending on the activity, sometimes just 20 minutes is too long to spend on one assignment.

In Need of Support/Encouragement

Many children need a parent sitting with them than others do. Allow your child to follow you around the house with their workbook while you do housework. This way, if they have questions while they’re finishing their assignments, you’re there to answer them.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help make your homeschool or homework time more pleasant.

About the Author:

Amber is just a regular mom who feels very lucky to have been able to homeschool her 3 teenage daughters for the last 6 years in Florida.

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