Fisher-price Rainforest Jumperoo Review

Babies of just a few months age to at least two years enjoy jumping and playing. One can say that jumping is the first stage of their learning to walk. A jumperoo can be a good toy for the kids of age as young as 4 months to at least two and a half years.

The Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is quite popular for the excellent features it offers. Compared to many other alternatives and baby exercisers available in the market, this product has the best features that are like both by kids as well as parents. As the name suggests, the Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo has toys of various animals which keep kids engaged for a long time.

Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo has features that make it the ideal toy for kids who have just started standing on their legs. This product is not only fun but also helps strengthen the child’s legs. It takes less room as compared to other jumperoos and baby exercisers. The square-shaped Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo also has lots of toys than any other jumperoos or related toys.

There are also door hanging models for the kids. However, there are several reviews on the internet where parents mentioned about the injuries and mishaps from jumping into door frames. The Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is much safer as it is not a door hanging model.

There are several toys on the Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo. Some of them spin and some of them hang from the ‘leaves’ above. The tiger toy comes up when the button is pushed. Though not all the toys are exciting for children, there is a wide variety of them which would surely keep the child busy. The Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is circular and the baby’s seat in it rotates 360o.

Therefore, the baby wouldn’t get strained to look around for his parents while playing. The rotation also keeps the setting engaging for the baby. With all the colorful toys around, the baby is never bored of the toy so early. Many reviews say that babies play with this toy all through the day before they go to sleep!

The child’s legs become strong trying to catch the frog and bird hanging from the top. The eye-hand coordination of the child would also develop faster while playing with different types of animal toys on it. Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is also fitted with a feeding tray where the baby can eat a snack. The tiger toy which comes out on pressing a button improves the action and the result as their understanding of the kid.

There would be an excellent eye-hand coordination improvement in the baby as there is an option where the music plays only when the baby is jumping and stops when there is no movement. This feature isn’t available in many other jumperoos. It would be quite annoying to the parents to listen to that music all day.

The Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo may take at least 10 minutes to set it up and a few minutes to wash the toys. One has to be careful while washing the toys. The electronic toys should be cleaned separately without soaking them in water. The sticker on the toy should be washed and dried carefully as it forms wrinkles if washed improperly. The maintenance of Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is quite simple and easy.

The only area to be improved in the Fisher-price rainforest jumperoo is that it is a bit tall and may require a pillow or a phone book to be placed at the bottom to enable the baby to jump. With the exception of this single drawback, the product has all good features with excellent resale value too. But this becomes an advantage as the child grows, and therefore is useful for longer than other products and toys in comparison.

What some parents say about The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo:

“Our baby asked us why we waited so long!!”

“Our Little Girl LOVES This!!!”

“Our 6-month old’s favorite activity”

“Happy baby = Happy mom”

“Great purchase!”

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