Custom made “Sorelle” Changing Table

With over 30 years of experience, Sorelle is one of those very few brands who offer custom furniture to their clients – one of those being the babies changing table. Every piece that is manufactured shows quality workmanship. The Sorelle changing table is known for its safety features. This company keeps changing the designs every now and then so as to meet the changing needs of the parents. One of those significant changes can be seen through the convertible cribs and changer lines. For parents who look for a functional changing table that occupies less space, Sorelle has the best products.

The Sorelle changing table comes with multiple drawers. These babies changing tables can be used efficiently while the kid is an infant. And they can be used even after the kid grows up. The open storage space comes with shelves under the crib and the table. For people who are space conscious, they would be happy to know that these changing tables occupy less space but guarantee the largest storage space. Each of the Sorelle changing tables is elegantly designed and comes with a gorgeous finish. The open design also has a small drawer so that it can be used to store those child accessories.

The changing table is fixed on locking casters for safety. The  Sorelle changing table can also be moved just so you want to move it from one room to the other. The babies changing table can also be used as a dresser. These tables are as practical as they can. They are made up of quality materials and superiors designs which range from simplistic to elegant. There are different types of changing tables such as convertible changing tables, crib changing tables, corner changing tables, diaper changing tables, mounted changing tables, portable changing tables, rail rider changing tables and so on.

Sorelle specializes in offering custom-made babies changing tables along with providing accessories such as changing table organizer, changing table covers and pads, changing table toys and the like. The Sorelle changing table is made up of solid pine wood with smooth corners and hand rubbed surfaces. The finishing is done with non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of the kids. You would get a variety of tables with different finish options. The changing tables come with four protective side rails. All the products meet and exceed the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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